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When it comes to your home it's crucial to have a contractor you can trust. We've all heard the horror stories - contractors doing shoddy work, budgets going through the roof and projects taking far too long. Unfortunately, those things happen. That's why it's so import to hire a reliable contractor. While we consider ourselves one of the best contractors in Los Angeles and Ventura, we suggest you research your options carefully before agreeing to a project.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started...

1. Set a goal
2. Organize your wish list
3. Budget
4. Design
5. Hiring a good contractor
6. Set your expectations
7. Stay involved in the project

What is your goal? If you're looking to renovate, take a long look at what you want done. What works and what doesn't work in the space? Is there anything that bothers you? Is there a wall in the way, or a kitchen counter that cuts off the flow of the room? What would your dream space look like? How could the space be used most effectively? Once you've addressed these questions, you may be surprised at how your vision comes together. Once you have that vision in mind put everything together into a wish list and start from there. That doesn't mean the list is done. Keep your options open and be willing to bend a little. You never know when a new idea or inspiration will come to you.

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  * Included in warranty: Defect installation, defect on materials.
  Does not cover abuse or accidents such as : water damage, fire damage,etc.
  ** Terms and conditions apply to complete bathroom remodeling per new customer. Up to $500 vanity value.