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Room Addition Valencia, CA

Making an addition to your home is one of the finest things you can do as a homeowner. Not only does it add value to your home – in most cases the dollar value of your home will instantly increase enough to surpass the amount your spend on an addition – but it adds more space for you and your family to enjoy.

Just think how nice it would be for, say, the kids to have their own rooms… guests to have a dedicated bed and bathroom… to add a media room for enjoying movies and games… to add an office or study where you can get some work done or just have a quiet place to read.

No matter why you are considering adding space onto your home, grab the phone and call up Room Addition Valencia right now. We will happily help you through every step of the process, including helping you plan just how much more space you need and just where and how you want it built. We do this kind of thing all the time so put us to work even in the conceptual phase of the addition process.

And once it comes to building the addition? You just can’t beat Room Addition Valencia for quality as well as for quick construction.

We employ in-house specialists in all necessary fields, from electricians to roofers to framers to plumber to painters and on and on. Always working with the same people allows us to always guarantee the same quality results in ever project we undertake.

And our prices? Just try and beat them without sacrificing quality!

So whether you are just thinking of adding a new half bathroom off an existing bedroom or whether you want to rip off the roof and add a whole new second floor to your home (or any level of project in between!) call us up today and we’ll be there ready to plan tomorrow and then break ground and get to work making your home that much bigger and finer of a place to live.

Take a little while to check out our testimonials page to hear how happy our past customers have been and see some images of the work we have done for other people. Take it from them and from the work itself if not from our mouths, but we’re your best bet, guaranteed! Call Room Addition Valencia today!

We are not a home improvement company we are a general contractor.
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  * Included in warranty: Defect installation, defect on materials.
  Does not cover abuse or accidents such as : water damage, fire damage,etc.
  ** Terms and conditions apply to complete bathroom remodeling per new customer. Up to $500 vanity value.