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Choosing the Right Tub for Your Master Bathroom Remodel


Most bathrooms have the standard shower-tub combo, but when you decide to remodel your master bathroom, you aren’t limited to having a combination. For your new bathroom remodel you can opt for a¬†separate¬†shower and a magnificent bath tub that will suit your needs. The tub you choose truly depends on what you’re looking for; zen oasis for ultimate relaxation or perhaps a vintage retreat of timeless class. When you first select a tub for your new master bathroom, take into […]


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Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling: The Perfect Modern Master Bath

Master Bathroom After by Superior Home Builders

In the affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles, modern master bathrooms are a must-have. Sleek lines, clean finishes, and high-end fixtures are key elements that make a master bath feel like a spa retreat. Here at Superior, we know what it takes to make your master bath feel like a luxury hotel and spa, and we know how to add your own personal flair to the design. Here are a few things that make a master bathroom perfect: The perfect master […]


Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles: Smart Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles:When you want to remodel bathroom, you can focus on choosing the right vanity and shower unit for the bathroom. Focusing on both bathroom components is important because they are the most frequently used components of your bathroom. You go to your bathroom primarily for two reasons; to clean your body and to groom it. Shower unit is a component that you use to clean your entire body and vanity is where the grooming is done. In […]


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Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling: Give a Fresh and New Look for Your Home with Bathroom Remodeling

Los Angeles bathroom remodeling: Bathroom is one of the most prominent and most challenging rooms to update while remodeling a home, although it is usually the smallest room in the house, there’s a lot to deal with. Remodeling bathrooms can really make or break a home. If you have an out-dated bathroom, you should really give it an exciting new look. Most of the homeowners opt to refresh the decor of their bathroom with new flooring; especially ceramic tile. There […]


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