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Bathroom Remodeling Malibu

Meet our bathroom remodeling experts in Malibu, CA!

Superior House to Home delivers:

  • new modern-day bathroom in or less than 15 days
  • High quality materials
  • Computer aided 3D designs to experiment the end result.
  • Reliable and trustworthy craftsmanship
  • reasonable and upfront charges to fit in your budget and no hidden cost
  • 0% Interest financing
  • 10 Years warranty!

Step into any of the bathrooms in your residence and ask yourself a few quick questions you may not normally think to apply to that particular type of room:

  • Does this room look like it reflects me and my family? Our style?
  • Does this space feel clean and crisp?
  • Is the bathroom laid out in a logical way? Or do I have to lean way over from the sink while my face is covered with shaving cream to grab a towel, or even tromp across the hall to replace the toilet paper!
  • Am I happy being in this room and what does it say about me and my family to our visitors?

Maybe you don't think often about your bathroom, but take a second to think about just how often you are in that room. We here at Bathroom Remodeling Malibu certainly spend a lot of our time thinking about the perfect placement of sink, toilet and shower, of shelving, cabinets and what tile color and style matches what paint and etc.! So even if you don't spend a lot of time thinking about the bathroom, we sure do and we can help you redesign your bathroom if you are ready for a change.

There are lots of factors to consider when designing the ideal bathroom. You have to consider what you want and need to have in your bathroom and then think about the ideal plan for its storage. You need to factor in who will be using the room most often and what their needs are (a bathroom shared by young children is a very different space than one used only by adults, after all!). And then of course you need to consider the esthetic appeal of the room - it's a space in your home, so why not make it look as great as possible as well as be as functional as possible?

The experienced staff members from Bathroom Remodeling Malibu are here to help you on every step of the journey, from planning out the form and function of your bathroom to doing the demo and haul away work to the elements you don't like to the installation of new fixtures. We won't be satisfied until you are, and once you're happy down to the last light bulb being screwed into place and the hand towels hung, we'll be on our way and let you enjoy the fine new room in your now even lovelier home.

For more details and information about our bathroom remodeling project, call us today or simply fill out a contact form provided in our website, to immediately get in touch with us.

We are not a home improvement company we are a general contractor.
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  * Included in warranty: Defect installation, defect on materials.
  Does not cover abuse or accidents such as : water damage, fire damage,etc.
  ** Terms and conditions apply to complete bathroom remodeling per new customer. Up to $500 vanity value.