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Bathroom Remodeling Glendale

Meet our bathroom remodeling experts in Glendale, CA!

Superior House to Home delivers:

  • new modern-day bathroom in or less than 15 days
  • High quality materials
  • Computer aided 3D designs to experiment the end result.
  • Reliable and trustworthy craftsmanship
  • reasonable and upfront charges to fit in your budget and no hidden cost
  • 0% Interest financing
  • 10 Years warranty!

Most folks don't realize it, but you actually spend a whole lot of time in your home's bathrooms. What's the first room you enter after leaving your bedroom every morning? What's the last room you enter so often before you leave the house? And before bed each night? That's right - you're in the bathroom before the bedroom, we're willing to bet!

To that end, if you're going to spend so much time in a room, shouldn't it be a room you love? If you find yourself feeling cramped or closed in or just generally unhappy with the function, flow and feel of your bathroom, grab your phone today and let Bathroom Remodeling Glendale help you love that all important little room within days!

From luxurious master suite bathrooms with multiple jet whirlpool tubs, separate showers, dual sinks and excellent storage and organization space to ultra-space efficient, tidy half baths for guests and everything in between, Bathroom Remodeling Glendale is your best bet for getting that bathroom (or those bathrooms!) just the way you want.

Many homeowners overlook their bathrooms as they think about what in their houses needs improvement, but we guarantee that once you get around to fixing the bathrooms up, you'll never look back in regret other than wishing you had done it sooner.

Not only are bathrooms very important for the daily usage they get from you and your family, but let's face it: people tend to judge others based on the cleanliness and design of their bathrooms. A clean, crisp commode room reflects well on you and your family... and it can also do a lot to help the value of your home if and when it comes time to sell (and of course, on the negative flip side, a bathroom in bad shape can greatly hurt your home's inherent value).

We can totally remodel, renovate and update your bathroom for much less than most homeowners expect. Often it's a matter of hundreds of dollars rather than even 6 zeroes involved if you are happy with your fixtures but need new tile, paint, etc. The cosmetic factors of the bathroom can do wonders, so why replace the tub if it works and looks fine but is merely ringed by dingy, dated tiles or peeling paint? We at Bathroom Remodeling Glendale aren't out to make a quick buck off you, but out to charge a fair price to make you a great bathroom.

For more details and information about our bathroom remodeling project, call us today or simply fill out a contact form provided in our website, to immediately get in touch with us.

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  * Included in warranty: Defect installation, defect on materials.
  Does not cover abuse or accidents such as : water damage, fire damage,etc.
  ** Terms and conditions apply to complete bathroom remodeling per new customer. Up to $500 vanity value.